Sunday, August 20, 2006


My first post all summer!
And what do I have to show for it? Like three weeks of sketches ... if that. Possible part three of Delaney's favorite maxim might be that if you stop drawing for three months, there's nothing left to see.
Life drawing was difficult to get back into, of course. But I've been doing a lot of that this month and drawings are looking a little better and feeling a lot better. Days with drawing-rhythm are more frequent than before. I might upload some recent nudies later. For now, some random sketchness:

I've been drawing people in the wild again. Haven't done that in yonks.The woman on the right wasn't someone I saw, but a set of random squiggles that turned out to have a shape that could be picked out in darker line and made a figure. Let chaos do the drawing for you? That kind of led to the left-right game (see below).

I like the one above because this guy actually looked like that.

The left-right game! One person draws something with their left hand (or right, if you're lefty) and the other turns it into something coherent using only cleanup in dark lines. Here's a couple that I scribbled and Sonja cleaned up:Miss Bugeyes-Swimcap was lefthanded by Sonja and cleaned up by Our Protagonist; Slouchy Sanchez vice versa.

Another exercise I didn't actually pursue beyond this one doodle was to take a person and try to fit them into the outline of an animal. This dude started as an eagle silhouette. I'd like to see other people's take on this outline "game" thing.And I've also been doodling characters... none of them really animatable, but it keeps the pencil moving. I'm trying to shake off the summer rust in the nine seconds that are left before we go back to school.That's all for now. I'll try and update a few more times before der Tag kommt.